Aaron Rose – Parkside Ave (Elixir Album)

Check, yo

[Verse 1]
I’m from the streets where the money’s a God
Niggas will pull your card
Trynna take your life savings then end up behind bars
From where the biggest stars are really nothin at all
Only gassed up matter who matter to none of y’all
But back to the storyboard, around here is wicked
The vast life be giving you mad trife and bitches
No matter how you get it you gotta live it no limit
Cuz you will never know, niggas be sendin bullets every minute
From where the basis be in the building lobby
Breaking down the dope for dope the coke they cook for hobby
They overdose the plenty more liquor inside their body
Their dead bodies brought them prospect, prolly
But somebody [?] who really had the chance to be somebody
But because of a shot he, he is now without the
Love and protection, from a mother’s collection
Lethal is understating boy I call it ghetto weapon
Yet they is still after we exit the room
I’m watching where I’m stepping cuz you never see me move
My time is money I’ve been doing this for three [years?]
I kept the [?]
I’m mentally on the move so how could I be spotted?
No dalmatian my dogs is on silence
Stop it cuz you novice, this my throne
What the is my television to you is on like

[Hook x2]
They say where you stay is where your heart lies
But where we from is divided like it’s apartheid
Another Skywalker hailing from the dark side
Where sparks fly my nigga we call it Parkside

[Verse 2]
I’m from the streets where the, struggle is regular but everybody icy
For every camo and vape, so therefore you are not like me
Just make them want to want to fight me, I guess you’re mad
So I tie your head in a bag ’till I guess you’re glad
You’ll suffocate from the fact that I am what they would fear
A rendition of what amazing is in your atmosphere
Because he sucking niggas’ they love the hate they love the fate
A razor for your face talking bout get the fuck away
From where the baddest chicks let you touch them with no panties but you gotta make the drop then fly her out to Miami
So free the Max B wrap up they [?]
[?] She’ll rock you and then she dippin
She work for some next nigga who stay with the checks nigga
But later [?] got reimbursed by niggas with [?] with them
Shit is a never-ending cycle like [?]
You either play ball or try to live it through mics
Or dealin with some shit that will cost you a higher price
Like risking your dignity or a chance at losing life
But this [intro?] is, your decision for everything
So imma stand with my vows, like a wedding ring
I’m married to the money, she Mrs. nice watch
I know you want what I have but this ain’t wife swap
This is a 100% real so know you might not
Be able to understand how this life got

[Hook x2]
They say where you stay is where your heart lies
But where we from is divided like it’s apartheid
Another Skywalker hailing from the dark side
Where sparks fly my nigga we call it Parkside

[Verse 3]
They say that success is the greatest type of revenge
I’m addicted to winning so you know I’m on a binge
So I keep my soul in check like Nike gave me the check
What’s next? Only up I’m never gonna descend
I know they understand what I’m getting at
It’s time to grow from the [?] but you still ain’t hatched
We know you fool, we know you lack the only two
That gives yourself the power and will so you won’t do
Nothing without your conscious, fuck the radio nonsense
The music can be psychological while [?]
[?] and violence, simple melodies
And packed in every neighborhood brother who doesn’t see
The game that is quick to destroy identity
They betray us without beauty as if we are the beast
[?] another black man deceased
We kill our own race the most like the black disease
So I stay at ease when I write these songs
Instead of me being a hot boy taking a life we don’t
Even know or understand the consequences at hand
Because soon enough you’ll find yourself deep in quicksand
Immobile with the mental state of mind of a killer
You got the heart of a lion but you a soulless nigga
Let me show you bigger, shit that life can offer
Instead of keeping genocide within the [?]
For real

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