Ab-Soul – Angel Lyrics

Met shorty back in high school high heels navy blue dress tight with a capital T
She had a appetite for the fast life as you can see
Only messing with niggas with leather seats
Lead tiny rims and big sub woofers that beat
Down the block
Like a drummer boy in a parade per say
Tiffany watch blinded my eyes even through shades
Having me hiding mine from the swap meet like an Easter egg
We got close she scooped me to the game she played like P.E
Niggas copped her anything that she pleased
I couldn’t knock her shit I was trying to take her down myself
Plenty nights staring at her pictures feeling myself that’s too much description
But I will tell you bout this one incident
She asked a nigga to sell her his soul then he froze , then he considered it
And that’s some cold shit cause she so hot it just don’t make sense
I hear the beez buzzing and the birds chirping when I’m wit her blurry vision couldn’t see she was a blunt everybody hit it at least once
I won’t acquit her till she fuck me over

I heard she got the virus too but she say she cool
She specialize in terrorizing whole crews
With the lust demons she posses
Prada bags full of broke condoms and contracts
Signed over the vagina
That read
Easy access and its never denied
A devil in disguise
With ulterior motives to rise
While you fall shorter than a dwarf cut at the thighs
That’s when I realized everything she told me was lies
I was living in hell in love with an angel

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