Ally Layah – Loud Love lyrics

You love , me so , so good , on the low
You whisper, you whisper, you whisper love
It makes me want , to scream
But you put your hands on my mouth and you kiss my lips so I just hold it in

I’m done hiding (oh I just hold it in)
Show me something (oh I just hold it in)
I’m not in until you shout

Loud love, loud love, I want to hear it now
Loud love, loud love, oh can you hear me now?
Loud love, loud love
Give me loud, give me loud
Loud love

You trained , me so, so well
To whisper to whisper to
To never, expect, your love (song)
So I put my hands on my heart and I brace myself, I let the silence in

I’m done hiding (no I won’t hold it in)
Fuck the silence (no I can’t hold it in)
I’m not in until you shout

Love me loud like the rebel
Love revolution
Wake up the dead
Love me night , love me day

Shout from the rooftop
Shout till the roof drops
Dum di de day
Love me night, love me day

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