Amery Rey Tuesta – Feeling Good lyrics

I only want to be your good friend
I only want to shake your hand
And see you feeling good

Let’s have a place to talk about life
But, don’t forget to smile and laugh

Day by day your life goes away
Start now running to slow down your calling to leave

Look an around. There is so much to see
Just give yourself a chance and
You will feel in love with your niche

Don’t feel embarrassed for who you are
Like you doesn’t exist because you are unique
Sometimes is raining, and sometimes the hitting is burning
Life is a thing which wants to see you fit
You will be broke one day and the next day as well
But one day, you will be on the road again

Learn the magic of being patience and love each other
To show your conceptions
This is the message of mother nature
Where your hair will stand if your
Head is not there
Because by lucky your feet always lie on the floor
Don’t get bored by my words
I only want to be your good friend
And see you feeling good

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