Archaic Dawn – Dark Blooms lyrics

Dark blooms inside me
Withdrawing you’re not around
In my dreams you’re still with me
Her death turned my world upside down
Missing your face The way you scream
Things aren’t as good as they seem
Don’t think anybody can pull me sane

I can be what you want me to be
Cut the wrist and slowly bleed for me
Nail me down with the mistakes that I’ve made
When you love evil you gotta love the pain

We Ravage, seek havoc,
We were the ones to torch the world

Tattooed in you never far for me
More pride in Each then supposed to be
In hate we grieve to feel complete
Through the dark you were my need
Look into my eyes so you’ll see
Just what the fuck you’ve done to me

When you’re toying me
My blood runs cold
When I’m wrapped in you
Time stands still
Fulfilling our needs
Striving for our own
Preparing for love
Expecting the worst of pain

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