Azathoth Circle – Heaven/hell lyrics

Your thoughts became so clear to me
You meant for all them scum to see:
Her dashing will to be alone, in white room
Full of sounds her soul has made
When she decided to degrade:
To sin
To open up her eyes
And most of all
Becoming wise
You stand alone
Stand alone

Ahead to descent
You swallow thrill
You swallow thrill
You play with shame
You brave for world
For what you feel
You full of vain

Dhat kaan ecit tiunda
Ef ce se tunridhur
Leica lopti a
Ec sva vino
At theie villir fara
Sinna heim homa
Sinna heim Huga

As she moved closer – then I saw:
There was no hope for me no more
As fained as the winter rain
Her straight and honest words
So deeply fell:
“Oh’ love, We’re going down to hell”

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