Bob Gaulke – Writing Yourself Free lyrics

Desire only takes you so far there’s another hundred blocks to walk
Ten stories tall in the sun
Heat islands around your heart
Lines on the street run on loose leaf meet at points blotted with ink pages fill with your scrawl
Marking the city as you are
The line you draw connects paper cups crossing our bodies walking our talk
I’m drawn to you
You write by me
I situate myself in your life you rewrite the scene
Static from scraping feet generates electricity
Stories light up the night
Coloring books with a million lines
Writing yourself free
Where you can believe possibilities
Inside the deadness you feel
Writing yourself free
Far from what you fear where your life can’t be overtaken by surroundings
Take yourself down paper and pen
There you are you see what you meant
Polished harder determined
To make yourself over again and again
(repeat bridge and chorus)

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