Bob Gaulke – You’re On My Money lyrics

You’re On My Money

Colors can’t paint you; words fall at your feet
Holding you tight’s the only culture I need
Don’t care about the government or the kids in the street
This bed’s my nation; you’re face is on money

From the time you could dream a whole life to lead
To the time ennui finishes you
You could learn many things
And never appreciate how curiosity is used
Wake up like billions but try to stay amused

Dress up, wear make-up. Never go to work
There’s not enough time for the attention you deserve
Staring into space is your true métier
All else is distraction your face is on my money 

Now time is like the friend we’ll never meet again
We move through passions only known
To those in burning planes and iphone accidents
Feeling life escape from their control

Wasting my minutes holding onto you

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