Composing4you – Why I Don’t Have To Cry lyrics

I don`t know what I`m doing
Right here on time
I don`t know what I`m doing
But I do tonight
I`m feeling and I`m talking
I`m not sleeping every night
Hanging round with people
`Til the dark red morning light
I care about your talking
Cause you knew just what to say
And everybody`s guessing
How that game to play
I wanna hear you talking
I wanna hear you lie
And everybody`s saying
My oh my
My, you never say why
You don`t have to lie
I don`t wanna to feel it
That`s why
I`m keeping the light
I`m keeping the time
Don`t know why
Yeah it`s right
I`m looking around
See me on the ground
I Don`t wanna see it
That`s why
And everyone round
Listening that sound
Don`t know why

I don`t know how
I don`t know why
I know just how I feel
And everybody is talking now
And everybody cares
Light my fire
Take control
Let our our dreams really come true
Cause there is nobody in this world like you…
Why I don`t have to cry
I still don`t know why
I should not have seen it
That`s why
I`m looking around
Still lay on the ground
Now I know why
Yeah…I`m right
I keep going my way
I will growing and say
Now I can see it
That`s why
And everyone round
Is leaving the ground
I still love you

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