Cruiserweight – To Be Quite Honest lyrics

Hey Pop, was this all in your plan
To make me walk around in fear
Of my fellow man?
And you said
“don’t let your confidence waiver
’cause there is plenty of bad blood out there,”
And now i know.
Come hell or high water
I’d show the faithless that i was more than just my mini-skirt
And you said that I could be the one
To be a mover and make a difference
But it’s so hard.
And i always wanted something but…
To be quite honest i am not so sure of this
And sometimes my fear
Outweighs your advice

This privilege
To be all that i could be
Weighed down with expectations
Complicated me
Hey, pop, it’s me
Your good little egg
On the verge of utter panic…
Why, oh why, dad?
They’ll see i’m just one of the guys
If i keep my gameface
For the rest of the show

The world around me
Crumbling at my feet
Well, to be quite honest
It’s a part of this game we play every day

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