Dance Gavin Dance – Here Comes The Winner lyrics

Line them up on a stage
See which ones are clever and which ones declined with age
Watch them fail by design
Or win the hearts of America with manufactured shine

Here comes the winner (That’s my public figure)
Here comes the winner (Taking perfect pictures)
Here comes the winner (It’s time to shock the blaow!)
Here comes the winner
You can find me up on my high horse cutting the bold ones down
They look so hungry, but I’m well-fed, well-dressed dead in the head

It’s here, it’s right there, for you to take it all
It’s here, it’s right there, for you to take it all
We don’t tolerate whining

Do a bitta good analysis
Let’s balance this
Not backing out
Put a little bitta time in this
A finalist and not in doubt
I shake my scepter fresh and you smell like sphincter
I’ll pass my credit check and run through your sprinklers

You name the time and the place and I’m there
Give me some time and I’ll perfect my hair
Roll the cameras honey, love’s in the air
We look so poised and not too self aware
I’ll pretend I’m better than these clowns and their plastic faces
On another level, pound for pound and their self-abasement

I grow tired of this game
Make me feel like I’m to blame
Fake cry, don’t be that guy
The one who tries to victimize himself to hide a web of lies
Moments together, sell them well
I just watched you do that all to you
Find another person you can use
You’re not that clever, easy to see through
Tear the best of us apart

Don’t take offers then
Act like you think you’re gonna lose
Make things awkward to see you faking gratitude
Instructed to go auto-pilot, don’t know the password
You’re sitting on a dildo pile
That’s why your ass hurts

So tell me that I am the love of your life
I’ll be in character batting my eyes
We’ll show them all the supreme prototype
As ratings and followers peak right on time
You’re so high, I’m so high
You’re so high, we’re so high

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