Earl Sweatshirt – Mothership Lyrics

Feel like wherever my birthplace the centre of earth
Get the symphony for me ’cause death eventually coming but first
Victory for me
This shit is shiv to the stomach
I learn discipline first, then I learn to rebuttal
The weak niggas with premium
We get it in
Demons and spliffs, sleepless again
Spent my life on the road, my pee on the wind (lmao)
Two feet on the concrete
Prepare trees for me bitch
Recently walls defeat, they speaking again
Drink ’til I fall then I’m decent again
I don’t remember shit
Off in a minute
In your city with the keys so the breeze blowing easy as shit
I’m intriguing
I just might leave with a bitch if I need her for one night
I don’t do my lungs right or trust no dusty bitch
Enough for me to just pipe
Catch me on some other shit
Catch me on a weeknight looking like I’m getting beamed up to The Mothership underneath the streetlight
Heard the check cutting soft
Fucking with the three stripes
Heard you been fucking with the beat like
Nigga I said shouts to Knxwledge for the beat (slanging all through the eve right???)

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