Elvis Nash – Where’s The Directions lyrics

She headed west towards La
And left me stranded in the hurt
My bearings have been throw off course
Now im stuck here with out her
Im in a real bad way
Yeah im lost with out a clue
Im in a downwards spiral
Heading for lonely avenue
So wheres the directions to unbreak a broken heart
Theres no map to guide me
And no place to start
Im so tired of looking looking for her tracks
Cuz the pain is off the charts
So wheres the directions to unbreak a broken heart
She was my compass in the morning
I cant replace nothing like that
But i wont sit on the backroads
Waiting for her to come on back
Help books are useless
Each page is a closing door
I have to move on
I dont want to feel this way no more
Repeat chorus
I swear ill never understand
That time heals all wounds
Im going to stop driving in circles
And forget all about her
Repeat chorus but use but on last chorus
Paul from County Q did this Matt Dame on vocals

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