iLoveMakonnen – Since 17

Make a nigga not send me no beats no more
Chris this shit so for real
Yeah, nigga

Since 17 boy, since 17
I been running with the plug since I been 17
Been really had them things boy, since 17
Back on every [?] we sell ’em off of 17
For 17 boy, for 17
I been the man since 17
Been countin’ big bands since I been fuckin’ 17
My homeboy just came home, that nigga did 17, aye

[Verse 1]
Now I’m out here selling molly again ’cause I need more
Nigga selling more coke than I be making at a show
Ain’t that a motherfucking shame, fucking with them lames
But goddamn every city swear they know my fucking name
I be whipping, I be cripping
And my cousins be blooding
We out here making so much money
Niggas’ streets I be flooding
Told these niggas that I’m back
Nigga stack that shit up
I wish a nigga would hate on me ’cause I will pull up

Since 17 boy, since 17
I been selling dope since I been fucking 17
Been really on the scene since 17
Counted big bands hey, on every scene
Tell me what you mean boy, since 17
Really got them things, I sell them all for 17
Been running with the plug since I been 17
Been, been the man since, I been 17, hey

[Verse 2]
Hold on, ever seen a young nigga selling lean?
Got that purple shit, motherfucker what you mean?
Looking like a Laker, don’t have no time for haters
Old shit, you know I tell ’em see you later
All down in Florida, check my shoes nigga, gator
Motherfucking escalators
As we riding up to the penthouse, nigga what you talkin’ ’bout
Bitches wanna tweet me and niggas wanna meet me
Hey, won’t you pay that fee
At my fucking meet and greet
Hey, we could smoke and dro
You know that my shit come from
Aye, out in valleys, niggas swear they know me
Huh, fuck around and I hit ’em with the old me
Like uhh, since I’m 17, nigga been sellin’ strong, goddamn
What you mean? I be snappin’ on every song
Tell them niggas to end the beats and don’t send me no fucking beats
Cause I been going so damn hard since a nigga been 17

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