J-Easy – I’m White lyrics

[Verse 1]
Sitting here in this game like wtf
Why are you in here shouldn’t you be driving a truck
Shut the fuck up
Targeting my skin just like a bulleyes
Come on guys why can’t you be nice
Look at me I can do the same with a little spice
It sucks that I get judge cause of my color
But I wonder I can’t be as good?
Or I didn’t grow up in the hood?
No one judges tiger for golfing
Shits making sick I’m coughing
But nothing will stop me
See Imma do me and let you be
Fuck what you think
Going to work hard but please don’t blink
Cause I could be the next big thing
Sing with me as I tell you the story
Everything I’m doing is only for me
Hip hop keeps me alive
I want to thank you all before I die
This shit keeps me going so why quit
If you try to stop me I’ll throw a fit
But I can be just as verified
Just like a fucking Twitter badge guy

[Verse 2]
Do you not like me cause I’m not black
If you say that shit you sure are wack
Just come back and chill and relax with me
Am I bad cause I don’t make trap music
Or I don’t make catchy beats that comes with
These other rappers that rap about nothing
Three or four bars then it’s back to the beat
Fuck that what kind of music is that
It sucks more than bitches on my ball sack
I’ll complete a track with a full 16
While I got a girl here deepthroating me
Give us something that’s listening material
Forreal it’s getting boring
But I don’t know anything right?
All you fuckers wanna do is fight me
It’s okay I’ll continue to smile
Cause for this while I will grin from ear to ear
I’m having fun and doing what I feel is good
Nothing but a savage on the track
My shit is so hot you need to pop a tic tac
Cool me down ice sheet me now
Won’t stop for anyone or take a bow
I took vows to keep going
So god I’m keeping it and here I go now

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