Kinmo Yoriue – Trap House 808 lyrics

I turn trap house to warehouse
Nigga where’s your faith

[verse 1]
If i bow,then i pray
Only God not a snake
Cookin’ beef on the stove
Eating defeat like it’s all you need
To swallow all the sorrows
Under shadow of Angel wing
Over blunting session puking
Smokey room emergency
In the trap house feel alive
Am the best young nigga alive
And the rest will come behind
Its so dark behind the light
Behind close doors sell the myth
Higher as drug dealer pill
It makes a whole deeper than pitt
Yea i swear i ain’t tell no lie
Am the best young nigga alive
Put my best in streetwise
See it shine ‘cos it rarely kind
Spin the truth to holy lie
So holy mind get glorified
Nigg you smoke they criticise
And if you slack they quote the time
Then call it life
‘cos eye to spy

If i bow,then i pray
Only God,not a snake
Bless the grind,lead the way
Its the soul you purchase
Lord mine up for sale
If i die,i’ll be high
You will see it in my eyes
In the trap house feel alive

Am it the trap
With the plastik bag
Welcome to the trap house
I got kushie bags

Bitch,am in the trap
Got tha’ kushie gang
Welcome to the trap house
Go with kushie bag

If i bow,then i pray
Thanks to lord you see these day
When in pain,you put on smile
Guess that’s pain i gotta pay
Load A-k shoot through the tune
Niggas dead
And there’s no glue
See my guns re-use to abuse
In various crews it tastes like juice
Thats point of view
So view throught bruise
New shoes new hoes
They all old news
Wear old shoes
Wheres outfit to choose
Now in camera we kill the shoots
We the “master of flashing proof’
Yea we pose to serve a soul
Am the Swagg God living proof
Turn the trap house to warehouse
It can give you mildest touch
Pack of wolves roaming around
When they hunt
They get so lousy
In tha’ “suck it” it ever last
Now they paining in advance
Now we winning before that
Kidding on your balling
Laugh at wrinkles on your wall

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