Kristine Songco, Joanna Lewis – Stand For Everfree lyrics

I have waited for the day
To send this greedy wolf away
Now the magic is my salvation
Gather close in my protection
We will stand for ever free!

We hold the beauty of nature and all it’s glory
No need to fear the vultures at the door
Right here you have me to protect you
Within these walls of thorns
Forever free! Forever more!

They have come into our domain
Here to seal our camp in shame
But we have held it for generations
This is just a complication
We will stand for ever free!

Trust in me this is for your own good
Don’t be afraid nature is our friend
All this beauty that surrounds us
Every lovely bloom designed to defend

Let them come! Just let them try
I’m not about to say goodbye!
This camp will be here throught the ages
Written into the History pages
We will stand for ever free!

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