Lycidas Blackhart (ft: The Ritual) – Empire lyrics

(Verse 1)
Do you remember when I said I’d give my last for you?
We’ve been..through these fights,the pain,the scars,
To voices,and demonic wars.
We’re Taking these hit after hit.
There’s no way we’d ever submit.
I’ll remain beside you in this jaded life.

(Chorus 1)
“Before I take a bow and leave this world behind,
I’ll leave the crown for you.
Hey there glowing eyes,someday you’ll see it all.
This is your empire.”

(Verse 2)
You asked do I remember our trip we made last December.
That’s when you fell down,the hail storm came down.
You severed off your wings,to become a human being.
Oh how does it feel right now? Feel right now!
Since I’m away.
Your breath is growing still,and your health is becoming ill.
I know it hurts right now to sacrifice so much…
But how much is enough for anything to be enough?!!!

(Chorus 2)
“Before I give my final bow,and leave this world behind,
I’ll leave it all to you,the empire.
I will leave it all to you,and give my everything.
Before the world crumbles apart,
I shall leave it to you… The empire.”

(Verse 3)
Selfish humans deserve the pain they put you through.
My memories of you are fading out,
They’re fading. They’re fading. fading from my eyes.
You’re falling. Falling. You’re falling from the sky.

If the world shall take me now,I would want you to live.
Live for both of us and don’t let them win!!!

Before we take our bows and leave this all behind.
All shall be destroyed around our empire!
This world is cold with rage its trapped inside a cage!
We’ll leave it all behind as it falls down to fate.

With these burning seas destroying all the peace,
Let the whole world burn just let it all burn down!!!!
Ohhh! Everything is falling! Everything is falling!
Everything is falling!
Everything is falling!
Everything is falling! Everything is falling down!…

For your empire…

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