Mavado – Triple Murda Lyrics

Man have a bag a enemies suh when mi si dem mi fire first
Pu**y nuh gi mi nuh chat man wi give dem the fireworks
March out wid the K wi nuh care weh no guy a burst
Him go buy a strap, wi should a buy a hearse

Clips after clips, after clips
Shoot up the five and the six
Hits after hits, after hits
When mi send out the hits dem nuh miss

Clips after clips, after clips
Clips after clips, after clips
Big matic wid Rolex paw mi wrist
Triple murder paw mi list

(Verse 1)
Man wi kill you and yo omie
Wi nuh left dupy lonely
Bare killers deh round mi
Wi nuh left dupp lonely
Gully side a the Gaad fi a thousand rifle
Dem a suffocate well a now dem stifle
Bout bad then a how dem lie suh
Mi go out dem life suh

Everything out a the clip mi go give
Inna auphant you wife in a widow
Gully Gaad no enemies nuh outlive you
Nobody nuh deh, deh, fi forgive you
Fross dem range up like grass hopper
The HK chop dem up like gross wacker
Mi army fatigue, SLR, the war chopper
Kick off dem head like the number five soccer

Wa you think dem call mi voper fah?
Tell mi wa dem f**k round the sniper a?
Pu**y friend dead and him a tray a thing
When the 40 a quiet him
When a countless a duppy pon the fire pin
The two a dem drop the same dem die a twin
Come a pose wid gun a mussi manikin
The loud mouth weh love chat mi soon vanish him

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Send body in a partition, to the morgition
Triple murder pon the last mission
Mi stick to gun dem fi stick to party song
Badman thing a nuh audition
Not a bye gone, be bye gone
Mi ride on
Him head back and him eye gone
Him hard ears fi be mi duppy from the guy born
If you never waan dead pu**y why born?

(Repeat Chorus)

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