Methylated Spirits – Cradling The Afterlife lyrics

Fire rains down on you in the afterlife there’s
Nothing you control that will change your life
You take your commands from the mountains up so high
Leaving you Reaching…
Through the ashes…
Cradling the afterlife

You fear the change taking hold of you hunger
The space you know has been driven under
Your mind wrapped around this new found calling
Leaving you Tearing…
Away the face…
Cradling the afterlife

Once was enough to break the chains
Held against will in this place
Your hold on me will never play a part in
My life as I watch it fall apart

Its been calling to my weakness
Its my falling to the chaos
When the lasting effects of my understanding
Which prey upon the mind condescending

Believing I am nothing
Reach to you for mending
You leave me broke bleeding
Lifeless haunted by misleading
Leaving you Reaching…
Through the ashes…
Cradling the after life

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