Murs – Wanna Be High (feat. Big Too Big) (Captain California Album)

Murs: Um! Hold up. I’m trying think of – anything else you wanna say

Big Too Big: Well, let’s hear it man. Time to put that shit on the road man

Murs: Put what on the road? You want to hear the album?

Big Too Big: Nigga, everything, nigga

Murs: Well, I was trying to put this at the end of the album

Big Too Big: Oh, ok. Well nigga you did a good job, man


Murs: Nigga you ain’t even heard the record!

Big Too Big: Nigga, you know, nigga, that [?]. You always put in work. Anybody in the motherfuckin [?] will say nigga your ass done put it on the map, nigga. ain’t nobody else said Mid-city, nigga. Motherfucker you go to Rosco into the dark ass parking lot in night. Niggas was getting their [?] back then

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