Parisi – No Refuge (feat. RZA)

[Verse 1]
I don’t understand how you’re comparin’ a man from a land
That was set to be a beacon of light for men escaping the plight of tyranny
And the wearily poverty-stricken children
Who are sincerely innocent to the bombs that dropped on their city
That cause disfigurement and injuries
Or the women that seek education and medicine
But are spiritually oppressed by those who don’t
Understand the prophet’s teachings clearly
As the yearly death toll rises in Syria
Creating more refugees
How can we dispute the truth that [?] man all fall down from the same tree?


[Verse 2]
I’m an innocent immigrant tryna immigrate to a land built by the immigrants
Where the face of a former slave became the face of the President
Where the hearts of the depraved men once brought his ships and crossed the oceans
Searchin’ for a place to practice their religion out in the open
And thus the country was made, yes
Let’s make America great again
But not a place that’s filled with bigotry, racism and hate again
Let’s fulfill the need of all men from city streets to coal mines
But don’t forget that humanity is the goldmine

I wanna fall at the feet of Lady Liberty
From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Streams
To the land of the brave, and the free
Where there’s freedom of speech, freedom to teach
But they won’t let me in, no they won’t let me in
They won’t let me in, no they won’t let me in
They won’t let me in, no they won’t let me in
They won’t let me in, no



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