Ralo – Let It Go (feat. Young Thug & Trouble) (Diary Of The Streets 2 Mixtape) letras

I cheated on my fears i broke up with my doubts
Got engaged with my faith now I’m marrying my dreams
Ralo… Its the Diary Of The Streets nigga
My nigga thugga called my phone, he said where you at lil bruh
I said shid Im in the bluff
He said man you crazy as hell you a million dollar nigga
You need to let that shit go now
Real talk fam goon

[Verse 1: Ralo]
These niggas better duck before the get taped up
Ill put em on that plate an they’ll get ate up
I done blowed out all of the candles lets pick this cake up
We them niggas they cannot handle I know they hate us
I told my mama she gone see me on that big screen
The judge gave my partner fifteen he was just sixteen
He told me just to take care of the kids and don’t forget me
I told em if he need anything you can just hit me
I told my nigga dont never talk, all of these bitches be droppin salt
I did that shit that they never thought, I buy the shit that they never bought
I know it look like we never lost, me an my niggas will never fall
He go to jail ill accept the calls, Im the one sending them letters off
We ain’t stun no bitch, We ain’t stun these hoes
Im with the niggas who never told, we fuck they hoes and we let em know
I used to stand at the yellow store, thuuga keep tellin me let it go
Remember when we just sellin dope, thugga keep tellin me let it go
[Interlude: Young Thug]
Naw for real dog, Let it Go
Man you gotta press up on a nigga know what im sayin, Let it Go
Even if it comes to a nigga know what im sayin squarin up
Till we build the squares up, then we fuck shit up know what im sayin ha

[Verse 2: Young Thug]
I I I I I kick my shit whenever i can
Im drinking lean im smoking pot im in japan
You digg it baby why why i will
You digg it digg it baby why why i will command
Ima stop by whenever i can
The hood, boy stop you must be playyiiin
Im too dressed up an they ain’t naaaannn
I miss all my dogs and my bitch
Clock it, pop itt, catch a body in this bitch
Ima run this game till i catch charlie horse an shit
Ima make a lo of noise lil bitch. heyy

[Interlude: Young Thug]
I was just talking to my nigga man an i was tell em man, you know what im sayin
In order to got dam stack that shit up like squares you know you sometimes gotta square up
Let the street shit go know what im sayin bro get the doe, fuck on hoes, own ya house slam the door
Whenever you want too, i promise you, you’ll thank me later, but thank me now ya dig

[Verse 3: Trouble]
Stay solid stay free what i told em, stack pray an stay out the way ain’t no foldin
Im kinda good with with my hands go ask ya man i whoop ya like goldie
These niggas ain’t solid these niggas ain’t real, its only a few niggas chosen
These niggas gone squill these niggas gone tell while im yellin free my lil whody
Stll im strollin threw the bricks, smoke one i holla at my whody
Talkin big money shit slime so much that shit open
Talkin shit but scared to approach me, i heat this shit up like some folgers
The gas im blowin call it dope, all i know i have em hidden on the boat
I know niggas fucked up we never stroll threw the folks
How can i not go an drop him load when i done been there before
Codefendant he was stiff the same nigga told
Seen nigga hit rock bottom now a nigga owe
Down on yo kids an yo fam, nigga dont really give no dam
Just rip on a shirt just for some nigga to wear em
Funeral pullin out cams, you put in the ground they put on they gram
Retaliation thats what happened to it, only fuck wit niggas who be down to do it
—only fuck wit niggas out here gettin to it
—only fuck wit btches by ambiton
—niggas ambtious
—fuck niggas ain’t listening mob shit Ralo