Rihanna – Goodbye Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I rest my hand across your lips
Feel your breath by my fingertips
No longer can I delay what is right
But this love, it won’t give up without a fight
I’d write a note and tear it up
There are no words that could say enough
I know I’m gonna hurt you when l walk out that door
But I swear it’s gonna hurt me even more

You taught me how to laugh
You taught me how to cry
When I gave up you even taught me how to try
There’s one more thing to learn before I spread my wings and fly
You’re gonna have to teach me how to say
Goodbye, goodbye

[Verse 2]
Wish I could see your dreams tonight
Wish I could make them turn out right
Tempted to turn back for just one last kiss
But my heart tells me it’s better just like this
So this is how the story ends
When love is gone you can’t pretend
No matter who else I give my heart to
There’s a part of it that still belongs to you


You made me strong when I was weak
Gave my heart a voice to speak
You must’ve known this day would come
When the lessons are all done
All except for one, no


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