Rose Brennan – My Child Inside lyrics

Those months of feeling you inside as you were growing,
Waiting for this day to come,
To feel you in my arms, the wonder of just knowing,
That you’re my baby, I’m your Mum.

So we wait, a baby’s cry will echo in the morning,
From the still, a new life we will see,
With fairest skin and eyes that draw the light out of the dawning,
In my arms I’ll hold my child with me.

Those tiny kicks you give me early in the morning,
As you move inside of me,
I long to see your tiny face tomorrow morning,
Then your Mum will feel complete.

I want to feel your tiny fingers wrap around me,
I want to hold you in my arms,
I want to breathe you in and hold you oh so tightly,
Protect you from all kinds of harm.

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