Rose Brennan – Stormcloud lyrics

You never promised a road without its troubles,
You never promised a journey free from pain,
And you`re not the reason my problems they have doubled,
I will make him well again.

An intelligent mind inflamed with such confusion,
A memory so fine has been softened by the blow,
To hope in this moment, would it be delusive,
I will never let my worry show.

Sure I know that these things are sent to try us,
Don’t give me more to cope with for a day,
And I can`t lose faith and I know I must be patient,
Don’t give me more than I can take.

Our day`s conversation replaced by repetition,
Unsure of the faces, the people that surround,
Unable to chart all the trials of tomorrow,
I will never let him down.

Wrapped up in kindness, protected from the detail,
That hand that reached to hold is held to guide,
The pillar that steadied retained now and supported,
I will never leave his side.

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