School Of Rock Musical – Time To Play lyrics

Hey, ain’t got all day. Get moving.
You. No one comes through that door.
No distractions, no delays. This is for our resumes.
So, it’s time to go hardcore.
Won’t talk, no gum smacking. Cell phones away.
Go punk and start packing. Get to work, it’s time to play.
Wake up. Stop daydreaming. Do as I say.
Get those guitars screaming. Clear the room it’s time to play.
You. Go on and cue the lightboard.
You. Show them the new hot moves.
Look rebellious, act more crude. Bring your best bad attitude.
Band, get ready and let’s groove.
Hips out and heads banging. Worked up sashay.
Now bring the whole gang and hustle up it’s time to play.
Hands high and fists pumping. Sneers on display.
Let’s get this joint jumping. Bring it on it’s time to play.
Has the microphone been tested? Check. What about the stand? Check.
Please stay at hand and rested and await my next command.
Are the pyrotechnics ready and synced to the routine?
I’m counting on you Sophie, don’t screw up the fog machine.
Who got the speaker cable? Come on, this isn’t hard.
Get extra if you’re able, put it on you’re mother’s card.
What about the song list, printed like I said?
If you brought the wrong list, I swear to God you’re dead.
Got the flanger? The phaser? The pedals and effects?
Make sure he remembers or I’m breaking both your necks.
Keep your voices rested. Warm up before you sing.
I’m of course prepared, and that leaves just one thing.
You. Can we review the costumes?
Geez. Don’t be a tease. Let’s go
Look, we don’t have to waste, while you’re trying to find some taste.
Fine. Here’s the design. Hell No!
Six strings and drums beating. Don’t stop halfway.
Let’s leave some ears bleeding. Turn it up it’s time to play.
Don’t slack, there’s no cruising, no way Jose!
This band is not losing. Bring the noise it’s time to play.
Rock the mics it’s time to play.
World watch out it’s time to play.
World watch out it’s time to play!

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