Section Boyz – Barzy Lyrics

[Verse 1]
When you get a pack, better check that
Peng gyal, Benz gyal, let me rev that
Lost a pack, that’s a setback
Likkle man ain’t moving right, had to left that
Man can talk the ting and still sound mad
Phone Norwood and link fat pants
Trap trap, that’s trap cash
Throwback, would’ve linked fat Jaz
Now that’s wham Jaz tryna smash man
Hit the trap with the trap gang
Took the brick out the plastic bag
Bro double-tapped it with one hand
She love hatting, likkle dutty gyal
She just think I’m a rastaman

[Verse 2: Inch]
I’m a beast, not savage
The kick in the beat, that’s savage
Chop a boy up like cabbage
The bud’s in the bag, that’s baggage
You ain’t never spun it in traffic
Or jumped it on “oh, let’s have it”
Shoe dem aga kinda tragic
I’m with grem but I came with ‘matic
No, I don’t fuck with magic
Tell a boy please don’t panic
Anything we see, we grab it
Managing criminal damage
No, I don’t play, my yout
Dash man straight in the boot
Light man up like a zoot
Gyally think I’m cute and rude

[Verse 3]
Been in the street from time
Getting tick boxes like a checklist
From a Q to a half to an O
The care pack coming, we stretched it
Had close calls
Feds pulled up and we legged it
Os on the floor in a duffel bag
Pick it up, do a deadlift
Reload looking like acres
I ran through a brick one time
Only linked two patients
You might look like money right now
But what are you saving?
Late night doing T life
That’s a young nigga getting paid quick

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