Section Boyz – Devil Face Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Devil face, I think she’s a devil
Plastic nine but the four is metal
Wax on with the oil or Dettol
Making money like my uncle Neville
I’m with Kane, we never came to wrestle
Likkle trade, team powered by petrol
You’re too ‘fraid man never came to get you
Sideways, man used to respect you
Do the road and I do it in fresh boot
More champagne make the gyal dem get loose
Uck faces, wanna see man’s bedroom
Opposition wanna see man dead too
Likkle brap, that’s a dustpan, ain’t got a broom
Tell a gyal give me hmm and she say I’m too rude
If I say I need to lick it then I’m talking a move
Dem boy love kiss up the boobs and hmm
Had the same dot dot from boys in the hood
That’s no pop pop, only boom boom
Ex-gyal vexed but my new gyal good
Likkle sketty redhead wanna ride man’s hood

Devil face, I thinks he’s a devil
Love the streets so she won’t settle
He’s a neek but he’s acting special
Talking Ps till the robbers get you
In the ends with the skets and skengs too
New friends, you forgot your old crew
High-streeting, man know man’s local
Let the workers network their social
On the block, all antisocial
All these women wanna come get social
Normal people think say man’s so cool

[Verse 2]
Man are teefing the Section sound
Wait there cause we back in town
Warfare, I ain’t backing down
Big dargies, I roll with hounds
Young G, tell dem bring that round
Fat larma in mumzy’s lounge
Selling both, I had white and brown
Big yard with the mandem now
I hit the booth in my dressing gown
Deep end, yeah, them man would drown
Fast live, I’ve been swerving ’round
Flashbacks when I splash mine
In the ding dong and then burn it down
Nighttime in the day
Peng tings, they wan’ stay
Lay it down, no delay
Gyal give me uck in my Js
Any weather, man march
Trap, get the money like May
On the road to get riches
Nah, nah, I ain’t losing my way
Blowing green till a man goes grey
Sideman, yeah, them man love hate
I just tell ’em fuck what they say
Bang early, dem man dere late
Still certi, not that much changed
[?] got gyal from kway
Jezebel, she can’t be my bae
I dash her out with her dirty ways

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