Sevdaliza – Men Of Glass lyrics

This man of mine
Breaks to be desired

This man of mine
A man to be admired

This man of mine
He reconsigned his heart

This man of mine
Isn’t yours, isn’t mine /x2

A man of glass
Awaits his days
A man, a man
Without a cause
A gaze

[Rome Fortune verse:]
Even to myself sure I don’t belong
Doing what I feel, even if it’s wrong
Head as hard as marble floor
Sure we could get it on
How am I to change, should i change
I think we should join Forces, but the journey is so long
I sip my whiskey simply wishing to go slow
Woah, now we’ve won the hearts and Photos
The moment I revisit it, I miss it more, more
A man of steel isn’t real, he don’t exist
Get the gist, my weakness
Is them, I bought, my weakness is affection
If it’s real, keep the real
If it’s fake, get the next one
And send him look down like i just said
What is now my progression
Maybe in the next life, I’ll learn my lesson, i guess

Some tales are meant to stay apart
Into a vague distance
Some lives are better kept apart
Bound to be inexistent

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