Snowgoons – Cypher God (feat. Passionate Mc) (Goon Bap Album)

Ayo, this is for Sean Price. I’m going off beyond twice the godlike form in all white they call Christ
To cross left with a hard right that’ll lift you off like
Aerial assaults performed in a "dogfight"!

Front to back like fog lights to exhaust pipes
From the thunderclap of an arm strike to dissolve life
For I discard life like what is left in the cart right when you’re about to card swipe ’cause the market marked it the wrong price!

Sick with it, a dick with syphilis
From quick bitches that done hit in the six digits
"Big Business"! Swizz, Cass, & Kiss vicious!
Ironic how I’m bridging the gap with Chris Rivers

About to make a cycle begin. I’m from Bus, He’s from Pun
It’s the "Round Table Cypher" again!
My nigga Flaw’s X’n it, Street Light Mos Def’inite
A Forté that’ll put you onto mo’ (Geronimo) excellence!

And shout to y’all catching this! Considered the best
Next to the word-play like Shakespeare with a feathered pen
I am where the Etch A Sketch begins
What you’re seeing is the connected tether between separate ends

The genius becoming the best of friends
With the meanest schizophren-I-C in this reflective lens
Worse than David Berkowitz with a burner gripped
Aimed and exerting his murderous urges with assertiveness!

I felt the rage with a twist, like a cursive N
But it came with a "calm | com" like results from a search engine
‘Cause in this world of sin cursed with men
I back up what I say like the hard drive a journalist is working in!

(But, Hey! You’re from the suburbs dude!)
Well, Tommy Lynn Sells and Charles Manson were from the suburbs too!
What I do shouldn’t concern you
‘Cause when I turn to a gun, take a guess who the gun turns to?!

Expect pain from the checkmate of the chess game
Through more testing than Ed Gein for a med change!
You’ll be left with a dead brain
You’re better off sniffing lead paint for one hundred and ten days

Like Slim Shade with his fist raised in Kim’s face ready to hit straight with all of his strength so her chin breaks
’cause she was fucking men his place next to the room where his kids laid!

The SnowGoonS are the cause of this, there’s no offing this!
I’m turning every other camp into Auschwitz!
The darkness is where they’ll all exist talking shit
About the price they paid when we holla’d the cost of it!

Spartacus can’t call a quits. When the odds on your side
There’s nothing even to forfeit with
It’s your favorite sound! Bouncing harder than a check
For five mil’ from 50 Cent’s bank account!

Motherfucka! Whatup!
Cypher God…
Cypher God…
Cypher God…

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