Speedy Ortiz – American Horror lyrics

Well it’s not what you think
But it is that thought which brought you into this web
Full of bees, found you in the glue and began their stinging
Who could have guessed you’d be out on a stretcher
After your home stretch?
All pocked and bruised
And they still you here at least ’til the fit’s through

[Chorus 1]
They trust you just to your own feet
And keep you here for a whole week
Cause you’re acting strap-down crazy
They keep you here for a whole week

The state house is a trafficked spot
You kick your dirty feet upon
Then that web with all those bees
Got your poor legs sticky, oh what a bad scene
Who could’ve guessed
You’d be down for a spell, blood out on a new bed
Figured you’d know
I would put the kid in me and wouldn’t let him go

[Chorus 2]
Trust me just to my own feet
And keep me up for a whole week
Baby I feel so crazy
You keep me up for a whole week

[Chorus 1]

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