T.I. feat. Translee & London Jae – Letter to the System Lyrics

(Intro – T.I.)
Whats on the mind of a Black Man right now?
I wonder

(Verse 1 – T.I.)
Ain’t it hard enough to raise your sons and your daughters up?
Without dealing with the racist stuff
Man i just got out of prison trying hard as f**k
And it seem like its a green light on anyone with my skin type
Get pulled up before a tail-light and get shot
Know what dat feel like? Man it real life
We ain’t have to be brought here man , real life
But the fact is that we all here
If you don’t like, you shud’ve left us where we were
Bruh, its all your fault, see L.O.L. J.K. J.K. yeah
Everybody seem cool bout it yeah
Reparation that never happen, but we ain’t just gon be abused by it yall, wait a minute
Im confused, I thought every man was treated equal, read it in the constitution, yeah only when they feel like sticking to it
But U.S.A. the greatest nation in the world, dat my story and im sticking to it
Kepp sticking to it

(Chorus – London Jae & T.I.)
Letter to the System, yeah
For my brothers in them prisons, yeah
And the soldiers there that be feeding to your bulls**t, say bi**hes , us or else
Man, this s**t designed to beat us
You da ???
Sick of the way you treat us, this some bulls**t say bi**hes, us or else
Yeah, you on my s**t list, yeah
Letter to the system You dig?
I hop you bi**hes listen You dig?
Stay the **k out of my business, Bi**hes, us or else
Minding Minding my business, yeah
F**king rebel ?? You dig?
All of my….You Dig?
You leave us Bi**h, us or else

(Verse 2 Translee)
All on Instagram, they dont give a damn
Grandma on the phone screaming Oh Boy Oh Boy
Damn it , she ain’t never heard of Killa Cam
Clocks feeling like a celing fan
She remember back when Martin Luther
He would march and march and let the million man and that s**t begin again
Man, they got the problem solver for y’all , .38s and revolvers
They should’ve never involved us
Probably knew that white women was stalkers
Neiman to Marcus….Narcotic Targets, walking to and walk out of Target
Stop and risk police going in my pocket
Drug search over….drug dog when they me they barking
Black skin at the target, black for sale at the black market
And its all for free, we dont ask for nothing
I got me, I ain’t backwards hustling
We got us, we ain’t taxing us
Get yo ass back-back-back-back-back-back to the back of the bus

(Repeat Chorus)

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