The Ceremonies – In The Name Of Fright lyrics

I’m all alone
Sitting down in the corner
Of the room
I’m scared to think
Cause thoughts are company I can’t keep
So I assume

Kind hearts command
Carries into a no mans land
Where I recite
All the words in the name of fright
In the name of fright, of fright

‘Cause there ain’t no room for me
In this world
But there’s no place I’d rather be
Than to be here
Now I can lay me down to sleep
Albeit calm and unquiet
So let me show you how to be
In your heart

In your heart
Your heart

And while I sit
It seems to me
That I am weak
And brittle boned
But soon I know someone will find me
And ask me why
In the name of fright

I think I might
But I can’t tell what’s wrong from right
And if I may
Follow me I’ll find you a way

I’ll find a way
A way

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