The Lox – Filthy America (Filthy America… It’s Beautiful Album)

[Intro: Courtroom Clerk]
Good morning, your honor
The first case is the United States versus Sean Jacobs
AKA Sheek Louch
AKA Silverback gorilla
AKA Donnie G
Our records indicate he’s being charged with an 848 and a 926C

[Verse 1: Sheek Louch]
Yo, your honor, listen
A father figure to a lot of these niggas, your honor
I learnt to swim with the sharks in a school of piranhas
Smoke marijauna, even bagged it up in pounds
I made money, packed guns, yeah, I held my grounds
Bullets ring, I don’t know how we made it this far
A skinny nigga too, I got up on the pull-up bar
Niggas dying over who fucked who
Some broke ass bitch with a fat ass made beef in ya crew
I went to see niggas in jail when I had nothing to do
I got a call to grab my burner when I was sick with the flu
I gave my soul to this music, hood love it, big labels abuse it
Honestly I’m still learning how to use it
I gave to charity, I flew niggas around for free
For my kids, think about that when you sentence me
Your honor

[Intro: Judge & *Courtroom Clerk*]
The verdict is in
We find Mr. Jacobs guilty
Sentenced to life
Send him to D Block, get him out my courtroom
*Our next case, your honor
United States versus David Style
AKA Ghost
AKA the Phantom
AKA Pinero
He’s being charged with an 848 and a 922G*
David Styles, do you have anything to say for yourself?

[Verse 2: Styles P]
Imma plead guilty
But before I do, your honor
You and the D suck a dick ’cause yo filthy
White America be killing Black America
Jail system slavery, how’s that America?
Drugs in the hood and you’re poisoning the food
School system suck and it’s hard to get a job
And poverty put niggas in a really bad mood
Call me a menace but I could’ve been a dentist
So I wish I had the pump at Donald Trump’s Apprentice
Bill was half black but middle finger to the Clinton
‘Cause niggas still lie, fuck that, yeah I’m venting
That’s my word, I’ve been frightened for a bird to catch a judge or a DA
Make them bite the curb and
And then remove their nerves or their bones or their ligaments
Tie ’em to the pipe and get a knife and start digging in
So, your honor, if you wanna hear my thoughts
Fuck you and the DA and this whole fucking court

[Intro: Judge & *Courtroom Clerk*]
We’ve come to the conclusion, the verdict is in
David Styles: guilty
You don’t have respect for humanity
You’re a menace to society
We sentence you to death row
Get him out my courtroom also
Get outta here
*Our next case, your honor, Is United States versus Jason Phillips
AKA Jadakiss
AKA Al-Qaeda Jada
AKA Top Five Dead or Alive
Being charged with an 848 and a 924C*
Jason Phillips, do you have anything you could possibly say for yourself?

[Verse 3: Jadakiss & *Judge*]
Your honor
I already paid my dues to society
Allegedly, I sold drugs, huge variety
Had to feed the ones I love, that’s a priority
No matter the verdict, they’ll forever be a part of me
You would much rather see me laying on the gurney
18 holes of golf and play with my attorney
The system is designed to burn me, not learn me
My arresting officer is related to Mark Fuhrman
Throw the noose up on the tree, that’s how they do here
I ain’t see a black nigga get acquitted that came through here
And I ain’t do fear
So all I ask the court is that they move me to a new jail, every two years
Either way you looking, it’ll finish
This is just a bunch of paragraphs in my mentions
*So what you want, forgiveness?*
Nah, I ain’t looking for forgiveness
All I give a fuck about is if the Yankees win the Pennant
Let’s get it

[Outro: Judge]
The verdict is in
We find Jason Phillips guilty
Sentenced to two life sentences with no possibility of parole
We’re going to make sure you never see the streets again, sir

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