TransRelic – Cedar & Clove lyrics

We kill the time
As it kills us the same
Wrapped in the me and you
As we pace the night away
Every second
Every sting
Laughing in the rain at times
Wallow in this pain sometimes
Just to be with you

Cedar and clove
And a smokey kiss
I’ll always remember you
Looking like this
The cloud shed a tear
Into your hair
And I tried to walk away
As your eyes hold me back
Desparate tear dewed eyes
Pierce through me like glass
Cause you know I could never resist
You know I could never resist
You looking like this

I’ll always remember
The smell of cedar and clove
And the perfect disruption
That comes with
Our imperfect love

Self sabatoge of all the beautiful things
Leaves me screaming in the rain
Where do we go from here

I tear it apart
I tear it apart
You put it back together
It tears us apart
It tears us apart
Until the separation is real
You tear it apart
You tear it apart
To put it back together
If you fall apart
I swear I’ll put you back together again

My hands of glass are fragile and transparent
You can see the blood running through my veins
Every feeling every emotion
Is painful without you

I would sacrifice everything
For these hands in mine to never slip away
I am broken, I am nothing
Without you
Without you
So would you just hold me
Till the storm passes through

I lose my mind
Inside the vast replies
Your silent eyes seem to send
If you weren’t so deep inside
Beneath my calloused skin
Would I let you in? Have I let you down? (I’ll break these walls down for you)
Please forgive me of this one sin
I will take these walls, I will break them down (I’ll break these walls down for you)
My love please come in

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