TransRelic – Dreamless lyrics

Have you ever wanted too much?
Had the nerve to ask how to love?
Have you ever washed out your head?
Tried to forget how your heart feels so dead?
Have you felt your stomach take knots,
Remembering nothing you’ve had, everything lost?
No no,
Does it hurt, so bad to scream?
When no one pays attention it never really means a thing

Are you forgotten?
Well now your part of me
We’ll play together
In the shatters of our broken dreams

Here’s a flower for you
With no petals or leaves
I’ve grown the thorns for years
With the special seeds they’ve given to me
Don’t give it water
Give it time to dry
It doesn’t need nurtured
It will survive just fine
Sun parched and unsheltered
Shallow roots stretching for life
Through delicate skin
Slivered within
All these scars are mine

Have you ever asked too much?
All things you can never touch
Have you ever hid in the light,
To be discovered yet still be disguised?
What is the flavor of old blood clots
After the savor of the sweet cut is lost now
What is the color of frost burnt skin
You can watch it take over as the numbness sets in

Dream baby dream, I dare you to
Dream baby dream, It may come true
Dream baby dream, I dare you to
Dream baby dream, It may come true
Dream of stars
Dream of seas
Dream a better life
Dream of you
Dream of me
A perfect place to hide
Dream doors
Dream of glass
Open fragile minds
Dream of blades
Dream of past
And never cry
Pick the locks
Come right in
Your seclusion is my sin

Where are we now?
I can’t feel the same
Where are the stars
They’ve fallen but my wishes have went away
I can’t desire
Besides to crave
My life’s on fire
Is this where I will stay?

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