Watsky – Rome Lyrics

Ice Age or a heat wave
Earthquake or a plague
Terrorism or class warfare
Or the end of days
I asked mama, but she didn’t know
Dad just shook his head
Put a couple ice cubes in his whiskey, sipped it, and went to bed
Can I just pray to God to give me those Vegas odds
I ask on behalf of a friend
Should I buy my folks a round
Or dig my cash in the ground
I’m starting to think it’s the end

I know, I know we’ll live for a thousand years
What’s in your crystal ball
Tell me, tell me oh where do we go from here
Rome is too big to fall

Other night I was riding on a C train
Packed car, bad mood
When this peabrain drunk-ass slicked back hair, having, leather-jacket wearing ass Roger Klotz grease stain dude stumbles through the train mad rude shoving a finger in our grills with this attitude
Yelling fuck you, fuck you, fuck every one of you
Yeah, Yeah that means fuck you too
So when the train pulls in the next station
This one big ass hardcore bouncer kinda Teamster kinda Paul Bunyon kinda motherfucker shoves a fool out the car door
Throws a haymaker, hits him in the chin
The whole train cheers the win
We’re all high-fiving, feeling excellent
Having extra fun like we’re next of kin
Save all your Kumbayas
Don’t take this shit too far
You don’t make no friends on no New York subway car
How come when we gotta come together
We wait until we got someone that we can all come together to hate
And then for the hottest minute we set our shit aside and relate?
And then forget again


Nobody wants to die so nobody thinks of it
What if at the blink of an eye we be at the brink of it
We tend to be blind when we’re right up in the thick of it
We got this life to live and it’s at our fingertips
I’m taking my time and trying to be making the most of it
Let’s open a wine bottle and we can all toast a bit
And I never get light when I’m drunk
So fuck all the poser shit
I’m tapping a vein, craving the truth, give me another dose of it
I’m not digging for danger but I decided that I won’t be taking time for my day for denying how I was made or fighting my human nature
I’m only looking to savor the ride
I’ve paid for my pride
Back when I would cry, cry, cry
Spending my life wondering why, why, why
Taking the view soon I know it’s all gonna fly right by
I will not go out like that
We won’t go out like that
We won’t go out like that
We won’t go out like (won’t go out like)
We won’t go out like that

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