Yogscast – Brand New Friend lyrics

Walking out one morning and the snow was all around
Saw a little doggie in the local village pound
He was all cold and cute and was looking so alone
My rocky heart just melted so i had to take him home

Brand new friend at christmas time
But i didn’t know

Mandrew was a superdog it’s true
You can tell from his bright green glowing poo
Saves the world one dog treat at a time
Fetches sticks and he fights crime

Saved a man who was falling off a log
Stopped a car crashing into a bog
Picked up all the litter in the park
Rescued some kittens from a shark

Stopped a volcano from erupting
Then fought some robots in Beijing
Foiled a big bank robbery in town
Always puts the toilet seat down

Walkies out with mandrew and the snow is all around
But then he runs off madly and is nowhere to be found
I’ll be waiting for you when you find your way back here
I got you loads of presents and a massive keg of beer

Brand new friend at christmas time
Where have you gone

Rescued pirates from their sinking ship
Joined a circus, did a cool backflip
Pushed a meteor away from Earth
Helped a pregnant lay-dee to give birth

Won the nobel prize in Chemistry
Then went back to his school for his PhD
Stopped a fire from burning priceless art
Fixed global warming with a massive fart

All alone, on christmas time
But it’s okay because

Mandrew was a superdog it’s true
But everythings easier with two
Every hero needs a good sidekick
Just let me get my pick!

Fought some ninjas then defused a bomb
Won king and queen at the high school prom
Dived down to fight the giant squid
Caught an ice cream cone dropped by a kid

Gave our seats to a lady on the train
Stole the moon and put it back again
Did some taxes went to outer space
Beat trump in the presidential race

Won gold and silver at the olympics
For drink ing beer and fetching sticks
Climbed everest just for a good time
Drank all the Pope’s super special wine

Helped out santa by pulling his sleigh
Barked the route to show him the right way
Dog and dwarf together kick some arse
Friends forever, Merry Christmas

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